Jay Quinlan is the president and principle consultant/trainer of

Global Learning Solutions Inc. In this capacity, Jay provides research design and planning services to clients who wish to embark upon an occupational needs analysis and has done so for over 15 years. Jay delivers expertise in occupational health & safety issues relating to self protection considerations for all agencies and ministries both federally and provincially involved in an enforcement environment.   Prior to establishing his own full time consulting company, Jay was a serving police officer and worked on four services, two in Britain and two in Canada with the final service being Peel Regional Police.  For the last eight years of his service with Peel, Jay worked full time in the training branch.   While in this position he provided ongoing internal needs analysis to determine the direction of training and providing advice to management. Jay researched, designed and supervised the implementation of use of force and communications training.  For the last two years of his service Jay provided services to the Ontario Police College (OPC) as a sergeant instructor in use of force training. During this tenure, his skills were utilized to review existing programs and to develop additional training.   Jay provides training throughout Canada and the United States and specialises in motivational speaking delivering strategies and education in survival psychology at seminars where he teaches the Neurology of Winning and from 2001 to 2012 the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar.  Jay has taught thousands of officers from multiple agencies across North America.    As a qualified expert in use of force issues, Jay has testified to training, design, implementation and actual use of force in the field. Jay brings an extensive level of experience to the officer safety field and to the training environment.   Upon analyzing an incident a comprehensive unbiased report is provided articulating the actions of all involved parties.   Jay still performs as an adjunct external faculty to the Ontario Police College to provide input on curriculum update and the delivery of the Use of Force Trainers Course.  He was also part of the team to revise the Use of Force Response Options model and co-facilitated the design committee for the new model, the National Framework, that has now been adopted.   Jay holds multiple qualifications in use of force. 

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