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We proudly recommend you contact our colleague, Jay Smith, President of FitForce, Inc. for all your physical fitness expert needs. 

Litigation Consulting

Our group provides experts in several areas within the criminal justice and security fields.  Our experts specialize in use of force, pursuits, corrections, in-custody deaths, physical fitness, premises liability, failure to train and failure to supervise claims.  We have provided research, guidance and testimony in both state and federal court cases throughout the United States and Canada.

Our litigation consulting service includes all aspects of your case, from review to research, reporting and testimony.  If our group does not have the expertise in the field your require, our vast network of colleagues allows us to find you the help you need in an efficient and timely manner.

Policy Review and Development

Our group has reviewed, researched and published numerous policies in the law enforcement, corrections and security professions.  It is our experience that well written policy that is clearly instructed to your employees and enforced through practice is the first line of defense in failure to supervise and failure to train litigation.  

Training Assessment, Development and Delivery

We offer extensive experience in the critical tasks of proper training assessment, development and delivery.  Our associates have decades of training experience in the US, Canada, and throughout the world.  Whether your training needs are skill oriented or academic, we have provided numerous agencies with the training expertise needed to succeed in the law enforcement and security environments.  

Physical Fitness Standards and Testing